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Meeting invitations are showing incorrect date/time


I use the free version of zoom to meet with friends during covid. The last few weeks when I set up a meeting and then send the invitation for the meeting (by email from the zoom meetings link on zoom app, iPad) the invitation states the time and  date I created the meeting as the meeting time. The meeting still shows in my meetings on zoom as the correct time and date but the invitation is incorrect.

I know this is confusing and I’m not articulating well but this is what happens.

On Sat. Nov 20 at 7 am I begin to set up a meeting for Sunday Nov 21 at 6 pm. I create the meeting and it saves correctly in my meetings. I then go into the meeting and send the email invite to the participants. When they go to look at the meeting it says it is starting on Sat. Nov 20 at 7 am.

I have done this many times in the past without this problem, it just started to misbehave in the last few weeks. What am I doing wrong?

thanks in advance



try updating your zoom version



🤦🏻‍♀️Should have thought of that. Will do. I have auto updates on  so assumed it was up to date but worth a try! 


I just had the same thing happen today. The invitation was sent out by someone using our business/paid account, and it showed up in my email with the date and time it was sent & that's what went onto my calendar. I'm using Chrome and she used Safari. DO you think it could be the browser?



I am having this same problem. I schedule a meeting for a date and time in the future using the Desktop app, but when I open the invitation, the date and time change to the current date and time. I updated the app, and this is still happening. Any advice?


I'm suddenly having this same problem too. Did you find a fix?


We are having a similar problem with Invitees having time one hour later. No idea how to fix???