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Meeting Spontaneously Ends after Hosting Thrown to ME


So, I've been having this interesting phenomenon happen lately.  Three times I've lost a Zoom meeting recently.  The first two times it threw host to someone else on the meeting.  Today it completely ended the meeting for everyone.  My internet was completely stable, as I was actively using my browser.  The only similarity between all these meetings is that the original host (who started the meeting) had thrown hosting to me, because they had to leave.  Anyone else had this issue?



Yes i have had the same problem today. I set up a meeting and then transferred the host to someone else and then it keeps throwing them out of the meeting every 15 minutes. I have even spoke to company IT and they are looking into it as they are not sure why. They have mentioned subscription but i have subscription up to 40 minutes so why would they throw every one out after 15 minutes?. 

And if I have limited subscription, why would this affect the other participants when they have unlimited? This has created meeting chaos today