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Meeting Link


I have set up a zoom meeting with Registration required. All participants get the link on mail directly. 

As an admin is there any way I can get the meeting link so that I can give it to a few participants who did not register? 



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

There are a couple of ways to do this. In the web portal, you can find the meeting and click edit next to it. Once you are in the edit screen click save, this will bring you to the meeting overview where you can copy the invitation by clicking "copy invitation"  to the right of the "Invite link". 


From the Zoom App, click on meetings along the top ribbon, and under upcoming meetings click on the meeting in question. After selecting the meeting, you will see "Copy Invitation" on the right-side panel.


Depending on how your registration requirements are set up, you may have to revisit the meeting in the web portal to approve the new registrants manually. The default option is to approve automatically so if you did not change it then you should be fine.

***Sometimes going backward is the only way to move forward.***


Hello. Here is what I would do. 

  1. Open the registration link in incognito mode (CTRL + SHIFT + N) in Chrome.
  2. Register for the meeting using your Gmail or another account. 
  3. Now you have the link. 
  4. Share the Link. 

I'm assuming that registration is not required for this meeting. If that is the case, this will work.  Here is my YT video for Zoom Meetings Registration | Top 10 questions answered

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi ajayym!

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***Sometimes going backward is the only way to move forward.***