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Meeting Choices with Parameters


I need to offer a choice of 4 dates for each of 3 required meetings.

  • The meetings must be attended in the order of: A - B - C.
  • Some of the Meeting C date choices overlap with Meeting B date choices, and Meeting B date choices overlap with Meeting A date choices. (Example: if participant attends Meeting A on 5/22, the same participant can attend Meeting B on 5/25. But if participant selects Meeting A on 5/26, that same participant cannot select Meeting B on 5/25 because Meeting A must be completed before Meeting B.
  • Each meeting date option must be limited to 100 participants. So after 100 selections of a specific date, that option must close and force the participant to select a different date.
  • I need a list of registered participants separated by meeting date and meeting name (A, B, or C).

Is this possible? If so, how do I set up?