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Meeting Attendees


I cannot copy-paste email addresses of Attendees into a Zoom meeting when using the (updated) App.  I have to type everything in.  


I can copy-paste multiple email addresses into a Zoom meeting when using the Zoom web-page.  After doing so, it does not ask me if I want them to be invited. 


When I have entered a list of Attendees into a meeting using the Zoom Web-Page, they do not appear in the same meeting when using the App.


Can anybody help, please?



A few things are going on here. When you add email addresses into the Zoom meeting using the web-page it does not automatically trigger an invite you would have to copy the Zoom link and email it to them. It is frustrating to have to type out the emails by hand. You could use APIs to programmatically send send invitations to our contacts. If you are not a developer there is a Zoom marketplace app Salepager that let you schedule Zoom meetings and invite your contacts by copy and pasting multiple emails.