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Meeting Attendees Get A Message Saying Meeting Has Already Begun


I used to be able to enter my meeting room and see a notification that my guest were in the waiting room whenever they arrived, then allow them to enter. Now if I begin my meeting before anyone is waiting (host>>top right nav of this page) my guests see a message to the effect that I'm already in a meeting. I don't know they are waiting and can't admit them. 


I googled this and it has something to do with a "quick start meeting" doesn't put me in the "same room" as my guests who I sent an invitation to ...but I can't figure out how to start my meeting in some other manner that doesn't cause this to happen. 


If I get an email announcing someone in my waiting room, I can click on that, and I end up in the "right room" and able to admit them. But the problem with waiting for them to arrive is that if email is delayed, I'm starting the meeting late, and they are wondering what happened. 


I would really appreciate someone's assistance with this! Thank you!! ❤️