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Maximum Participants per Breakout Room (4 rooms, 500 participants)




I have an upcoming event where we are planning to run on Zoom Meetings (we have Zoom Breakout 100 and Zoom Large Meeting 1000 licenses/features activated).


We are expecting 500 attendees, and have 2 different styles of breakout room desired by the client:

1) 4 Breakout rooms, participants self select into 1 of the 4 rooms, expecting a maximum of 200 people per room.

2) 90 Breakout rooms, participants are assigned by host, in the meeting, to a room. 5-6 participants per room.


We regularly do 2) above without issues. 1) is a new one - and cannot find any information, or able to get a response from Zoom Support on what the maximum number of people who could self-select into a single breakout room would be.


Any tips/experience?


Thanks in advance.