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Managing Zoom updates in our environment


Good day all,


I'm working on getting all of our Zoom client in our environment up to date with minimal amount of user interaction. What I've discovered is that none of the Zoom clients are linked together, so we have a ton of Zoom versions within the environment that I'd like to get up to date. We do have a few options to push out updates if that's what it takes to do so (PDQ, Tanium, etc.). With that being said, does anyone have any ideas of how we can get our Zoom clients up to date without having too much user interaction? Can I just push out the most up to date version of Zoom to these machiens and it'll update automatically to that version? I've noticed within my Zoom client, that I have the option clicked to update automatically, but I've yet to see this happen. So now, we're looking for other avenues to update the software in our environment. 


Thank you.