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Managing Meetings


I have a multiple day audit with different group meetings about every hour.  I'm trying to figure out how best to schedule things.  At first I thought about schedule 3 day long Zoom sessions.  My concern is that I have to host the meeting - admit people  -  leave the meeting - and then return to do the same for the next session.  Should I schedule individual sessions so I can start, leave, and then return? I want the same link for all meetings though.  Thank you!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



If you want to use the same link, then you will need to use one single meeting. You can set up a meeting for the first day, then set it as recurring for the following days. You will need to Start it each day, as an instance of a meeting has a limit of 30hrs.


If you want to use Waiting Room, then you will have no choice but to be present to Admit people - unless you nominate a Co-Host.


But each time you leave the meeting, and without a Co-Host, Zoom will prompt you to nominate one of your Participants to become Host - or if you leave without doing so, Zoom will pass Host privileges to generally the first Participants who joined.  You would then re-claim host when you re-join the Meeting.


If you use a passcode instead of Waiting Room, and enable "participants to join anytime", participants could join at anytime without you - if they have the passcode - without needing to be admitted. But you may not want that.


Unless you have trusted Participants who you can engage as Co-Hosts, I would recommend you moderate the timeline by being logged in on a secondary computer or device to one side.


Hope this helps.