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Manage number of participants


the meeting can only accommodate 500 participants, (my plan maximum capacity),  is there any setting to prevent the invited participants not to share the links to others? 

I have made a trial and found that the sharing link person is admitted into the waiting room for approval, any setting can prohibit them proceed after opening the sharing link?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Elly28,


Once the open meeting link is shared, you can't really stop people from using it.


If this situation is a problem for you, consider requiring Registration and also Require authentication to join in the Security section:



With just registration enabled, people can still share their Join Meeting link, but I think (and I'm checking on this) that if Require authentication to join is enabled, they have to be logged into the account they registered with to enter.  If this is the case... then anyone who does not have a registration can't get in.

UPDATE: I ran a test with Jeff Widgren of the  @ZoomTestKitchen, and it looks like Zoom does NOT currently require that the currently logged in account of the user match the account of the Registration Join link.  Anyone with a Join link passed on by someone else who registers will be able to enter the meeting as long as they are logged in to any account... worse yet, their display name will default to the first/last name used on the associated registration entry.


Also consider setting Manually Approve (might be tough with 500 potential participants) to make sure you know who is attending; you could set a registration limit; and I'd recommend not checking the Social Share button option.  Your registrants could still share the Registration page!


I hope that helps!


Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@Elly28 , one additional thought. By default Zoom allows a registered user to login  from multiple devices. This option can be turned-off, and the option can be found under Registration Settings -> Edit. Limiting their connection to the meeting or webinar to a one-device at a time will encourage them NOT to share their meeting link with others.




Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen