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Make anyone capable of muting anyone!


It's been two years since most of us were introduced to Zoom, and some of us still haven't figured out mute button etiquette. It is baffling to me how much of a problem it still is! People enter meetings talking, sneezing, shuffling papers, or during a meeting will blatantly take a call, or don't hear the background noise their echo is making. However, the person running the meeting (hosting) is often in the middle of a presentation or trying to hear the other users' comments/questions and can't focus on muting them! I would submit that Zoom should expand the mute feature so that the other team members can mute the interrupter at will. That's it! I think it would be a simple fix that could reduce a lot of unnecessary interruptions (the host trying to tell the speaker to mute themselves or pausing to find the mute button, etc.) 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

One thing that could be done here is that a cohost could be assigned during the meetings and that cohost would have the ability to mute and unmute participants.  You also might want to confirm that your organization has enabled suppressing background noise as that works pretty well to help filter out background sounds. I hope this helps.