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Macbook is blocked by Zoom ? Cant open Zoom on macbook but everything works on iPhone


Hello everybody,


so the issue is the following:


With my macbook i cant enter zoom anymore, it says its a network error but I tried everything


I tried connecting to my phones hotspot, to the wifi and to a VPN -> All 3 did lead to the same issue



I cant join a meeting or zoom in general


then i tried it again with my iphone, same Apple ID, same Zoom account -> Everything works perfectly fine, it worked from the wifi, the VPN and the mobile data



So i think somehow my macbook air got blacklisted or smth? 

i tried uninstalling and just everything, i need it tmrw for my work since i have appointments all day long


i have been using zoom for almost 3 years without any issues...

the error i get in german is:

Es konnte keine Verbindung hergestellt werden

Überprüfen Sie, ob Sie mit einem sicheren Netzwerk verbunden sind, das nicht von einer Firewall oder einem Proxy gesperrt wird.

it basically says: a connection could not be build up. Please check if you are connectet with a safe network, that is not blocked by a firewall or a proxy



I checked all those multiple times...



Thanks for your help!




I have the same problem today with my Mac Studio. I was using Zoom fine yesterday. Today it won't work at all. I pay for Zoom so this seems super odd and random. I didn't do anything to my computer. No VPN and no Firewall.


How I fixed this esact same issue: click on "log-in" and switch to the Government Server and back to the normal one. Somehow it tried to connect to the chinese zoom server, so it didn't work.