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Lost video through Cloud Recording


Hi, I set up a meeting where I had intended to record the video of a pinned user. This worked on local, but when attempting it on Cloud Recording the screen was blank for 90% of the video. According to this: Pin or Spotlight a video in Zoom Rooms – Zoom Support I should have used the Spotlight feature, which I'll do in the future, but it's a pain that the video feed was lost. Is there any chance that there's a separate recording file I missed or am I out of luck? Thank you!



Steps to fix-

Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
In the navigation menu, click Recordings.
At the top right, you will see a Trash icon if there are any cloud recordings in the trash.
Click the icon to see any deleted cloud recordings.
Click Recover on the right to retrieve the recording.
Click Recover again to confirm.
Your recording will be available again on the Recordings page.



Rachel Gomez