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Loss of audio when entering/leaving breakout rooms


When I am in the main meeting, I have audio and video without an issue. However, when assigned to my breakout rooms, I lose the audio stream and cannot hear what is being said. This has happened on a couple of occasions to me. It has also happened where I have audio in the breakout rooms but lose it when re-entering the main meeting. The video stream is intact and clear (i.e. no signs of poor connection). I have tried using my Mac speaker/microphone as well as AirPods Pro, but the issue has not resolved. 



I had a client with the same issue. I found that the audio worked again when they muted and unmuted themselves twice every time they changed rooms. Seemed to restart the audio feed. No clue why that was happening and it stopped happening to them now (lasted a week). They were on a Macbook Pro. Hopefully that works for you until a Zoom rep jumps in with a fix. 


I have been having this same issue. Great audio/video on my computer in main room but total loss of audio-failed to detect microphone-is the message I get. Nothing I try while in the breakout room works to restore audio. Have to switch to my I phone to rejoin the meeting and have audio in the breakout room. When leaving the non functioning breakout room on computer and returning to main room audio is restored. What’s the problem?


I have been having the same issue and I'm teaching a class so I really need for this to work. It has been very frustrating and there is no solution??