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Looks like 2 accounts?


I have Zoom connected to my Google Calendar.  I have a photo linked to my name.  I have changed the settings so I, and anyone else on my call is allowed to record and share the screen.  However, sometime when I sign into a call, it just shows my name spelled out - not a picture.  At that point I know I'm in the "wrong" account and will not only not be allowed to record, but will not allow anyone to share their screens.  It almost looks like there are 2 accounts.  I am not able to figure this out.  Our company changed email address a few months back with a merger, this may have caused the problem.  However, I have tried changing emails, and can't find a second account.  Zoom seems to be unable to help.  Can anyone advise?



I have had issues as we had an email change, too. It really plays havoc as I can no longer use my Outlook Calendar to generate meeting, I have to go to the Zoom account web page.  No resolution as of yet for me either.