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Long meeting - different groups - some people on the whole time - will this work?


Hello -


I have a five hour meeting next week.


Some people will be participating in the entire meetings.  Other will only long in for their parts.


Is this possible? I assume it is but I want to make sure. 


Can the people who are in the whole meeting just stay in the room the whole time?    Is there any advice on the best way to organize this with invites?  


Thanks in advance!


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hello manigreg,

You can do it without any problem, now keep in mind for your explanation, this session is non-stop.

If at any time no interaction is detected and there is only one person left in the meeting, after 40 minutes it will end.

In case it can happen, it is best to schedule different sessions.

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