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Logitech Camera not activating in Zoom.


Recently my Camera stopped connecting to Zoom. I am not entering meeting with the launch button, rather I have to join though my browser. This limits me to audio only. My Camera works on other apps, for example I can video chat to friends in facebook. I even tried changing to an older cloned SDD, yet I still was unable to join meetings through the tradition ZOOM method and had to revert to joining through my browser.  I even reset my modem thinking it may be a bandwidth issue. I have run out of ideas and could use a few suggestions. 

What I have tried. 
Creating a new zoom account.
Uninstalling zoom, using the zoom cleaner, and reinstalling zoom
Changing USB ports. 
Resetting my Modem
Using a different hard drive.



i have a similar problem Participants can see and hear me I cant see them or myself

however I can see myself when I check the video settings