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Logitech C930e Camera stopped working AFTER latest Zoom Meetings update


Tried creating a support ticket but it seems to not be working!

Just wondering if anybody else has camera issues after the latest update?

My Logitech C930e is brand worked perfectly with an older version of zoom (prior to updating) but after updating to the latest zoom meeting, the camera now stops working (and the zoom meeting disappears) after ~15 seconds.


Tried other new C930e cameras and same issue.  Tried with an older zoom meeting issues.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @MrNapralad! I have gone ahead and created a support ticket for your issue. Please watch out for an update in your email.


Hope this helps! 🙂


I was able to get the camera working by uninstalling the latest update and installing an older install (from 2020).  This allowed me to use the camera without issues.  Not really a fix as much as it is a workaround!


One more workaround

I tried the below and it worked.

In the zoom client setting go to the video

uncheck the following:



restart zoom. 

Now the camera will work, but if once video is disabled, it will not connect back unless zoom is restarted.


here is the solution from zoom:

We suggest making sure that you're on the latest video drivers for this device, and make sure you are also on the latest Windows update. For video drivers, you will need to check with your manufacturer for the most recent drivers. Please also test your camera with your antivirus on/off.
If none of them worked, the following steps should help get the old installation cleared, and get Zoom reinstalled and working for you.
Could you please run the CleanZoom application (rename the pdf file to exe)  in the attachments, and then restart your computer when it's finished?
Once done restarting please visit this link this will automatically download the newest version for you. Please install this version once downloaded.