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Login from multiple devices (Laptop + iPad) not working on iOS 15.6 - Beta 3


It seems the iPad running iOS 15.6 Beta is not recognized as iPad device and may be considered as a laptop. 


So far I used to be able to login from my laptop as well as on my iPad simultaneously) to share screens from those devices as needed.


Today my iPad got updated with iOS 15.6 beta (I am part of Beta program) and once I login to either of the devices and try to login from the other one, it says 'another meeting is in progress; and needs to be ended, If I select OK, it kicks me out of the first device.  


However, when I login from the phone, i am able to login with that additional device. 

I understand 15.6 is not Public yet but wanted to give a heads up in case Zoom tech support needs to be prepared as login to multiple devices is an important feature.