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Lock of meeting that recurrs


I was wondering if the locked (“host has locked the meeting” to any new participants)

•setting expires when the next day of the meeting?

•since it is (recurring meeting, so it’s every week, and participants will get to join again, is it not, because, I got bumped off the meeting due to my iphone battery dying so, didn’t get to get back in it because host now started locking the meeting, recently


So I’m nervous I won’t be able to know if I’ll be able to join to participate so I wanted to know if that expires before the next week meeting and that participants who left the meeting early and got locked out such as I did, can still join the next week again.  This is an open meeting to everybody interested in a group. I have a good acquaintance  with the host and all, I’m not worried she like locked me particularly or anything, I just worry it will stay because I left way earlier than others, also because I tried to log back in and maybe that triggers something to lock me.  Just needing to know cuz I’m trying to make a good impression with host.  I don’t want to be locked out due to my getting lost connection off and then not be able to to again. And don’t want to ask her cuz don’t want to show her what a Zoom dunce I am. : )


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Locking a Zoom Meeting is not personal. It's like having the host of an in-person meeting decide that it's time to get started, so they walk to the doors, lock them so there will be no interruptions during the meeting, and when the meeting is complete, they go and unlocks the doors again.


Best advice I can share, especially if you're wanting to make a good impression with the host is...


  1. Don't show up late to the meetings. There's a very good chance it will be locked once they get started.
    1. BTW: Locking a meeting is a recommended best practice for security reasons.
  2. Don't join a meeting with a low battery, especially now that you know they practice locking the meeting. So, once you drop, you're not getting back in.

Again, since locking a meeting is not personal, that locked-out experience you had will not be present in the next meeting.

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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen