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Local recording saved video and audio separately


I need to playback the video of my zoom meeting. I recorded, converted it, and saved it to my local computer.


When I go to play the video (Mp4) there is no sound. When I look at the files saved, there are three: the Mp4, an M4a audio file, and recording.conf. (See attached screenshot)


How do I playback both the video and audio?



I have the same issue, and I can't find anything on the Zoom help that explains this.  Awful service, and I'm paying for it.

I had the same issue and can not find any support. 


I was able to solve the problem myself. In my case, it was a setting. When I opened the video, the audio volume was turned all the way down by default. I still don't know why it happened, but turning up the volume fixed my problem.

what APP did you use to open audio and video



you can use VLC player. It did the trick for me.


Yep! That solved it for me. Just turn the volume up when you are running the video. However, it did not work the first time after unmuting it and then turning the volume up. I had to close the file, reopen the mp4, and turn the volume up. Then it worked.  Very odd. But it works! Thank you.


I am also having this issue.  I recorded two portions of a meeting and I had 5 files, two videos, two audio, and a .conf.  The audio and video files have no sound.  I tried adjusting the volume but no luck.  Has zoom released any updates on this issue?


I had the same problem recently and found that the problem is in my computer sound settings. Try to check if your output device is the same as the one you set in Zoom. In my case my output device was different than the one I set in Zoom and once I corrected it, I heard the audio in the mp4 recording. Hope this helps! 


I had the same issue. Turned out my audio was looking for my phone during the meeting vs computer audio. The icon was in the lower left corner during the meeting. Once I switched to using computer audio, I was good to go. Hopefully, that helps someone. 


Hello MSS, what program did you use to playback the file. The default for mp4 is quicktime on a mac. I have the same problem of ZOOM converting the recording to 2 separate files, but they play back separately. Thanks.