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Livestream Facebook video box


Hi, I'm doing a livestream to Facebook. But I want the screen to be fully of the presentation I do. Could I hide the video box? How to do that?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Very easy to do! Simply STOP VIDEO on your own camera - and if you want to make sure no one else's face could potentially show, SPOTLIGHT yourself first, and mute all other participants while you're sharing your presentation. 

Do a test run to practice how you want it to look before your actual meeting/event. You can make the stream private on Facebook so that only you can see what is coming from Zoom (just be sure to select public when you're ready for the actual event!).

Hope this helps! Make sure to press "Accept as Solution" on this post if this answers your question. Happy Zooming!
Anissa • Zoomologist • @anissat