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Live streaming to Facebook group


The name of the group of which I am an admin of, does not come up in the list of groups to which I can live stream to on Facebook. I have tried everything...please help....all the settings are in place on Zoom and on Facebook, but my group is not in the list... 😞


Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

I am having the same problem!!  The main 3 groups which I am admin to are not showing up as of Monday night. All the others are!

I am having the same issue!



Yep- same issue!!!


Same problem here. Several of my clients are also experiencing the same issue. 😟


I have the exact same problem. The facebook group that I zoom to every wednesday is not on the dropdown list. Every other facebook group that I don't zoom to is on the drop down list. 

I’m having the exact same issue. I have been emailing with tech support for a week and there has been no resolve.  They are insisting it’s a problem on my end and I have done all of the things they have suggested. Finding this thread proves that it’s not on my end since so many others are experiencing the same problem.  I am currently researching an alternative solution since I can’t continue to put my business on hold because this isn’t getting resolved. 


I think I fixed it. Try this...

1.Set up like you were going to go live

2. At the bottom of the screen in tiny letters it says "Facebook security settings" click this

3. Click "edit access"

4. Click "deselect all"

5. Go through the list and find your group

6. Toggle your group to "on"

7. Go back to the set up page and you should be able to see your group.

It worked for me. I hope this helps


You're awesome!  This worked!  Thanks so much!!