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Live Transcription Notice


When I start the live transcript function, even if I have it set to not allow participants to save a copy, I get a notice that "The account owner and everyone in the meeting can save this transcript and share with apps and others."  Does anyone know what apps this is referring to and why I would even get this notice if people can't save the text file?



@sweile ,

apps integrated directly into the Zoom experience. With Zoom Apps, any user will be able to add apps to their meeting experience or to share content and information with apps to add features and tools to their use of Zoom.

For example, an account owner might enable a third-party transcription app that provides a transcript of all meetings hosted on their account, so they can use the transcripts to facilitate their internal projects.

That's what I thought.  Thank you for the response.  We don't turn on the apps at our university.  We need to ensure they comply with FERPA, HIPAA, and security protocols.  We've tried to work with individual app owners, but most are not cooperative.  The notice is confusing to our users when they turn on captioning.  I'll put a notice in our documentation.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @sweile 

I believe this is not related directly to Zoom Apps access, but rather just a overly broad notification. It likely should just say "The account owner in the meeting can save this transcript and share with apps and others" in that, if recorded, the owners and admins can access the saved transcript through Recording Management, as well as any integrations that may access that info after the session ends.  

Exactly, poor wording.  Thanks for the insight.