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Live Stream Key Not Updating


I manage our church's Zoom account.  We use the service to live stream our Zoom sessions to Youtube and Facebook.  Restream provides a custom stream key to plug into the advanced In-meeting settings so that starting a live stream is a quick click of a button ["..." --> "Custom Live Stream" ].  Lately, when clicking the button,  it stalls for about a full minute and then times out.  A link is provided on the screen to go to the live stream settings.  On that subsequent screen, which I am unsure how to navigate to on my own in any way, I can see an outdated stream key in the "Stream key" field, but a banner on top of the screen that displays the current, updated key.  I have to then copy and paste the correct number from the banner, and the stream then kicks off properly.   The old key is persisting somewhere, despite it being updated in the settings.  I am using the latest version of Zoom, updated today.  This issue has been occuring throughout my past two updates.