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List not showing all upcoming recurring Meetings


I have created a meeting ID a while ago. The ID still works fine, but it is not listed in the list of my upcoming recurring meetings.  I have created another meeting ID with the same name since the older meeting is not listed.


It is confusing now since some meeting attendees have older ID and some have newer ID. I have deleted the newer ID., How can I bring the older ID back in the list of my upcoming recurring meetings.?


Appreciate your help.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @zmahmud 


Try manually editing this URL with your missing Meeting ID and then paste it into your browser. See if your meeting comes up that way.






I found this knowledge base article. See bullets!!

For individual meeting occurrences to show up in the Zoom desktop client or mobile app, you must schedule the recurring meetings in the Zoom web portal.

I know I set mine up in Outlook or my phone, not the web portal. Thus, that is why they are not showing up! Don't like it, but it is explained


I am hosting a recurring meeting and two of my recurring meetings are not showing up on my list of meetings. One of them is with an individual, so that one is not difficult to set up again. The other one is a group, with polls already saved. I have the link to the meeting from an email. Is there a way to save it to my meetings or a way to recover deleted meeting links when I am on zoom? I tried clicking on the link above to edit, and got a message error.