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Lip Sync Issue in Zoom during running a Pre-Recorded Video PPT



During a Zoom Meeting , we have experienced a Lip Sync issue with a pre-recorded video . The host is sharing the screen and running the video while others are listening .  It was initially  through that the Host may have some network issue . But Laster on , we have done trial with Same Video sharing with Different locations with different service providers broadband and  almost everytime we have experienced the same lip-sync issue.  For each testing broadband speed was between 60 Mbps - 300 Mbps , which is much more that Zooms video requirement .

The Problem Pattern was not very similar in all trials.  Sometime the problem starts after 5 minutes. Sometime after 2 minutes. 

Can anyone share some lights on this. We have done testing with same Video-PPT every time to reduce variable. 



Latency is an inherent problem in remote meetings and all kinds of online communication. The only remedy is to get a faster connection, which reduces, but doesn't eliminate, the problem.


Access Statistics using meeting controls
While you're in a Zoom meeting on the desktop client, you can view meeting diagnostic information.

Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
Start or join a meeting.
In the meeting controls, click the upward arrow next to Start Video / Stop Video.
Click Video Settings.
Click Statistics statistics-button.png.
Access statistics from the main desktop client window
Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
Click your profile picture then click Settings
Click Statistics statistics



Hi Jameswalter


First of all thanks for the reply .  But if you gone through my Post ,  You will notice that , we have tried to share this video , from different Internet with different service Provider , but having the same issue.   As per the Bandwidth is concerned , we have tested with Bandwidth from 60 Mbps - 300 Mbps ( As per Official Zoom site Max Bandwidth require for 1080P  is only 3 Mbps , so we have minimum 20 times bandwidth available ) . Also the Latency is from 200 - 250 Mbps  to Zoom USA  which is I think is acceptable for us. 


The lip-sync problem happens only time when when we are trying to run The PPT with Video . There was no issue observed during normal meeting .