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Linux key update required prior to novembre 2nd.


I'm a linux user. I received an email urging me to update a key in order to have my zoom software to keep working

Is it mandatory for all users ? 


Is the "zoom.deb" file cited in this procedure an install file ? If my intallation is already running, should I be concerned ?



copy of the email received.


Dear Valued Customer, 

As an admin or owner of an account with users using the Zoom Desktop Client for Linux, we are reaching out to notify you that we will be retiring the current key pair used to sign the Linux client on November 2, 2022. To avoid service interruption, we advise that you ask your users to download and trust the new public key. 

Please follow the instructions below to download the new GPG validation key by 11/2/22 to avoid service interruption.

  1. Download from
  2. Run the following commands based on the package you’re validating
  • ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    //    deb package validation
    gpg --import ~/Downloads/    // import gpg public key, only do it once
    dpkg-sig --verify ./zoom.deb

  • ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    //    rpm package validation
    rpm --import ~/      // import gpg public key, only do it once
    rpm -K zoom.rpm

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Team Zoom





What do I do if, after compleint the commands, I get

UNKNOWNSIG _gpgbuilder 61A7C71D


I got a GOODSIG after downloading the key from the URL listed in step 1 the list of commands above, and installing it into zoom_amd64.deb instead of zoom.deb, and making sure I had put the key and the deb file in the Downloads subdirectory,  Please provide a clear, foolproof set of instructions for those of us who are not professional system mangers. Many people who use Ubuntu/Linux are no more sophisitcated than typical Windows users, and we shouldn't be expected to be more skilled than that in order to install a commonly-used commercial application such as Zoom. Thanks!