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Linux - Sharing my screen while seeing all meeting participants is not working.


Hi, I'm a Linux user. I'm using Ubuntu Desktop 22.04. The Zoom Client Version is: 5.13.7 (683).

I would like to replicate the behavior of Zoom, similar to Windows. I'm a professor, and I use two monitors, one sharing a presentation and the other to see all students and speak to the camera.

The video panel of the other participants is fixed on Linux, so I can only see three participants at the same time.

On Windows, the video panel is adjustable, which allows me to personalize the format and the size of the video panel to view all my students easily.

I believe it is essential for me to have all of my students in one place. I do not found where to configure that behavior on Linux. Could someone help me obtain that configuration?

Thanks in advance.



Hi! Someone can help! It is necessary to configure Zoom to resize the participant screen or show more than four participants during sharing. It's not a good behavior. The participant screen is fixed in size, but when sharing is off, I have full control over the participant window, and the participant window is not limited to four participants.





I have the same problem


I just started experimenting with the Ubuntu Zoom client and observed this same issue. Replying so that hopefully this can get a little more attention? Surely can't be that hard to fix?


Experiencing difficulties with screen sharing while viewing all meeting participants in Linux can be frustrating. Video conferencing tools must provide seamless features across all platforms. Your feedback sheds light on an issue for Linux users. Hopefully, the platform will address and resolve these concerns to enhance the overall meeting experience for everyone. Your input is valuable for refining and improving these collaborative tools.👩‍💻🌐