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Link unmuting to spotlighting


It would be extremely useful to have muting and unmuting follow the Host-directed spotlighting.  This is a suggestion for such an option, which could be controlled via an additional option in the participants dropdown menu.


Add the option to Mute and Unmute participants automatically, according to the Host-directed spotlighting. If the Host is not spotlighting any participant, the current behavior -- spotlighting the active speaker -- should prevail. However, when spotlighting is controlled by the Host, it would be extremely useful to 'slave' the muting/unmuting to the spotlighting, that is, only (and all) spotlighted participants are unmuted. The Host and co-hosts should be able to unmute themselves, even if not spotlighted.


Please comment on this.  There is a chance that the developers will pay attention if it is supported by the community.



For what it is worth, I completely agree! Have been wishing that I could enable all co-hosts to automatically select that they be spotlighted when they speak also, in zoom meeting. 

Actually, I would like to have unmuting linked to spotlighting regardless of whether the spotlight is on a host/co-host or not.   Since the host and co-hosts control spotlighting, we can safely assume that they would want to have the participant unmuted too.  In any case, this should be an option that can be enabled/disabled.  If it is disabled, you would have the current behavior.   Default should be disabled, so nobody has a surprise.  That is, you can ignore this new feature unless you actually want to take advantage of it.