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Link to a recurring meeting in iPhone app


Hi, all--I have an iPhone 13 and have the Zoom app version 5.13.10 (7012)-I keep it updated pretty regularly.


I have a recurring meeting that I can see in my meetings tab, but cannot figure out how to copy/send someone the link to this meeting from my phone.  Can anyone help?





On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Calendar app .
In the bottom right corner, tap Create. Event.
Add a title to your event and tap Done.
Choose the event's date and time.
Under the time, tap More options. 
Choose how often you want the event to repeat.
In the top right, tap Save.





I am having a similar problem. I have an iPhone 13 Pro. I used to be able to send invitations from the zoom app on the phone. When I clicked on the meeting I wanted to send the invite from it showed several options on how to send the invitation. Now I have no options at all. I can not find any way to send the invitation. I do not use google

so the solution offered won't work for me. 

The first image is what I used to see the second is what I see now.  the section at the bottom is now gone.

Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 9.15.29 AM.pngIMG_7021.PNG

Exactly! This is the problem and I'm guessing Zoom has no solution ..? It's just, 'accept it as one of the changes we've made to our app for no apparent reason'.

And yes-the previous suggestion doesn't apply to the actual problem we're having.  Not sure what we do from here but it's definitely frustrating!