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Length of Zoom meeting


I don't know that if free account policies are changed or not but today when I have a meeting with my friend (only 1 person) we have limit time, it is said that the free zoom is end while we didn't meet any situation like this before.  I want to know if anyone have problem like me or My zoom is in trouble. I really appreciate if someone can help me solve this issue. Thank you!!

P/s: I used Zoom quite frequently (about 4-5 months) but I stopped in about nearly a month and when I began to use it again I get trouble (like the situation I mentioned).


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hi, @Thanhhuong_09  Zoom introduced a 40-minute time limit on free 1:1 calls on Monday, 2 May. Previously, there was no limit on 1:1 calls for those with free Zoom accounts, while group calls for those with free accounts were limited to 40 minutes.


You can read this in the article here

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