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Launch Mtg from Link VASTLY changes with 5.13.4


After installing 5.13.4 today, a BIG change has occurred when launching meetings. 


Formerly (even with 5.13.3) I was able to launch a meeting by clicking on the meeting specific URL I'd entered into my calendar.  Now, that DOES NOT WORK.  When I encountered this, I logged into my account via a browser (Brave, which is Chromium based), went into my listed meetings, and attempted to start the meeting from there.  That too, DID NOT WORK.


The only way I'm now able to launch a previously scheduled (recurring) meeting, it to go into the zoom app, and launch from there.  Here's a loom to illustrate the behavior of 5.13.4





For those reading, a zoom link will open up the browser window with 

Click Open on the dialog shown by your browser
If you don’t see a dialog, click Launch Meeting below


however, when you click that 'launch meeting' button, it no longer launches the meeting.  It just opens the zoom app, and you have to go find the meeting to launch there.


At 06h45 Pacific Time on 10 January 2023, this issue is now resolved.  

I did log out of my zoom client, login on a browser, and attempt launches like are shown in the loom above.  Those links from calendar entries now work as they did last week.

I logged back in to my zoom client, and re-attempted the launch from link in the calendar entry.  That too was successful.