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Laptop goes off whenever I start a meetig


I have to conduct several meetings with
Toowoomba lawyers through zoom. But whenever I open zoom, my laptop turns off automatically. Can you suggest me what should I do? Should I reinstall this app?


Zoom Moderator

Hey @shawnmichal, things I'd attempt to do 

  • Update your Drivers, Windows, and Zoom to the latest version available, or if on Mac update to the Latest OS and restart your computer afterward. Assuming if you have windows updates it'll automatically restart.
  • Disable Hardware Acceleration in the Zoom client Settings under 'Video' >  'Advanced' (for video)
  • Disable any [i] Hardware Acceleration in the Zoom client Settings under 'Audio' > 'High-fidelity music mode' and 'Stereo Audio' if 'Show in-meeting option to enable "Original Sound"' (for audio)
  • In Task Manager (Windows) end any Tasks that may be overwhelming with the CPU, GPU, or Power usage from other applications.


From Microsoft Community here are some suggestions as well:

I would suggest trying all suggestions to see if you have any success starting a Zoom meeting after configuring the above ☝️


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