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Kicked off Zoom if host shares screen


If I'm on a Zoom meeting and the host shares their screen, I get kicked out of the meeting immediately, then a few seconds later I get reconnected automatically BUt meanwhle I've missed whtat somone is saying.  Sometimes when the host switches from one page to another the same thing happen.  At first I thought it was because I had slow internet and unstable BUT, I've since switched to a different internet company and my speed is quite good and stable.  I did do some research at one point and tried a suggestion of checking some box in my Zoom settings.  It made no difference.  I always update Zoom before every meeting so that's not it.  Any suggestions?  

Thanks so much!



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Suzanne99, for the participants sharing content, ensure you 'share computer audio' and 'optimize for video clip' when sharing content.


Also, within your Zoom desktop client settings under 'Share screen' click on 'Advanced' and check or uncheck, "Use Hardware acceleration to optimize video sharing", and see if that changes or makes a difference for your Screen sharing experience. Along with Checking or Unchecking, 'Use TCP Connection for screen sharing'. 


Try the following above and let me know if this helps! Also, it's been some time since you've posted this discussion just wanted to ensure your Zoom client is up-to-date as well. 🙂


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