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Keep getting kicked off


I use a MAC. Zoom kept saying an update was necessary when signing on. I would allow the update...but it kept coming back with an error code. I looked up the error code and followed the instructions as to how to get the update on my MAC. I no longer get the error code. However, since updating (it may or not be connected) I keep getting dropped. This is not good in the midst of a counseling situation. I just had a coaching session (50 minutes) and was dropped 6 times.  I get the little circle and re-connected in about a minute. I do not have other programs on (it was suggested I close them all) and my internet is strong. Because I'm a not-for profit, I got my account through tech soup and when I call for tech support they tell me I'm not eligible. On line suggestions include going to my picture and seeing if I have all available downloads...but that is not possible on my tech soup version that I can find...there is not drop down menu below my picture...HELP! please!



bruv switch away from zoom. After pandemic, they are more dead than the worst crypto currency in market


Hello SuePizorYoder,


I have Zoom One Pro which I pay for and am kicked out several times in each meeting I have. Did you ever find a solution?