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Keep floating meeting controls and video panel from hiding part of a shared screen for participants.


When I am sharing a screen, If I can see the floating meeting controls and the video panel, those items block part of the screen I am trying to share, like part of a powerpoint slide.  Is there a way I can share a screen with the floating meeting controls and the video panel visible on my screen but not have them block part of the shared screen the participants see?



I have the same question. When I use PPT I share; stop sharing to be on screen w/o PPT and then go back to the PPT.  I know I can click on More each time to hide the controls. BUT is there a way to hide them to the viewer all the time? Thanks!

Hi RickC,


I have the very same problem.  I want ALL the toolbars/popups/etc. to away when I screen-share, and I don't want to have to hide them again each time.  Have you gotten any feedback?


There is an option to Hide Floating Meeting Controls.   You can activate it using the shortcut [Ctrl+Alt+Shft+H].  Or by clicking the three horizontal dots on the right side of the floating meeting control bar.  That option should appear in the dropdown menu.  To unhide the control bar, press the [ESC] key.


I hope that solves your problem.