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Joining a meeting- Links through email


I was recently sent a 'join zoom meeting' link to one of my email addresses (same one I use for my zoom account). I am a student however, and no longer have access to that specific zoom account. I created a new zoom account with a different email address and my question is: am I able to join that meeting with this new zoom account/email address if I have the meeting ID and password; or do I need to have them send the link to the new email address? 


Community Champion

Hi @delrealneida,


This would depend on whether the following option is enabled against the Zoom account that created the meeting.


"My Profile --> Settings --> Meetings --> Security --> Only authenticated meeting participants and webinar attendees can join meetings and webinars"


This option can be used to restrict which domain are allowed to join the meeting (i.e. @university.edu.au).


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