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Joining Zoom meeting Error "You are not authorized to start the meeting using the credentials..."


Hello everyone.

I'm reaching out regarding a slightly strange issue.

When creating a Zoom meeting from Google Calendar with the "Make it a Zoom" button, joining will work once, but all subsequent attempts to join the meeting will fail with the error "You are not authorized to start the meeting using the credentials you signed in with".

I confirmed that the user is signed in via SSO on both the Zoom Addin and on the locally install Zoom Application. The version running is 5.9.3.

The the browser history was cleared and the account was signing out of both the Zoom Addin and the locally application. Sadly, this did not resolve the issue.

Would anyone be familiar with this issue and how it can be resolved?

Thank you for the help.


Kind regards, 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Thank you for visiting the Zoom Community to seek support. Because this case is unique to your Zoom account, I would suggest that you log a problem with Zoom Support at so support/account team can help you with the concern.




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I often experience the same issue. @thav did you have any luck getting it resolved? My workaround is to copy the meeting ID from the URL and paste it into "Join Meeting".

Hi inqueue. I did find the solution to this problem.

First, Chrome had to be updated, then if there are any chrome Zoom Extensions, uninstall and reinstall them. 

If that doesn't work try uninstalling and reinstalling chrome and Zoom Completely. 

I had two Zoom Chrome extensions installed. Removing them both, followed by Chrome restart, then installing just the one I needed corrected the issue. Thanks!