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Joining Meeting


I use windows laptop when I join meeting it continouly buffers . And the error code is 104114  when I searched on google to find the solution for this error code . I leaned some cache etc but no solution . the only way was to join through browser but browser is so uncomfortable . Now This is a regular problem of zoom



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Adit_Shah 


Error 104114 seems to relate to a connectivity problem communicating to Zoom servers.


This isn't a regular problem, but it can happen if you are on a restricted network, or in a restricted region, or if your local computer has particular firewall settings blocking Zoom. 


I guess it could also happen if you had a particularly out of date version of Zoom installed, or if your computer itself was particularly behind in its own updates.


Could any of these things be the case?


Are you running Windows 11, by any chance?