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Joining Meeting Via Phone .....Not Working


On my Zoom Meeting today, folks couldn't join via phone, even though the settings are correct, and this has always worked in the past. So I tried calling in myself - dialed in the number, however, when I entered the Meeting ID and pressed the # ....nothing happened 😳 It usually then asks for the Passcode for the Meeting. I tried it several times. I even called in from different phone, and tried the alternate Zoom phone numbers, but nothing....???


Participants have always been able to join by calling in before.... Is there a technical problem today?


Thanks for any help or suggestions,
~ Dax



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @DaxCarlisle,


I subscribe to all Zoom outage notices, and I don’t recall an outage that would affect you yesterday. 

Check your meeting’s audio settings for telephone access:


And check when setting up future meetings as well:



See this Zoom Support article regarding Meeting audio for additional information: 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Dial an in-country number. If you dial a toll number, your carrier rates will apply. You can find the numbers on your meeting invitation or view a full list of international dial-in numbers.
You will be prompted to enter the meeting ID - the nine (9), ten (10), or eleven (11) digit ID provided to you by the host, followed by #.
If the meeting has not already started and join before host is not enabled, you will be prompted to enter the host key to start the meeting, or to press # to wait if you are participant.
You will be prompted to enter your unique participant ID. This only applies if you have joined on the computer or mobile device or are a panelist in a webinar. Press # to skip.
You may be prompted to enter the meeting passcode, followed by #. This passcode will be included in the meeting invite provided by the host.