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Join a meeting


I’m trying to join a church meeting.  I’m supposed to be able to click the link on the church website, then put in a password.  But I’m stuck on the launch meeting page, with this error message:


Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.


I’m on an iPad 

Can anyone help me?  Thanks.



It seems like there might be a glitch with Safari on your iPad while accessing the church meeting link. To troubleshoot, try updating Safari or clearing cache/cookies. If the issue persists, consider using an alternate browser like Chrome or reaching out to the church's technical support for further assistance.

Make sure your Safari is updated and trying different browsers might resolve the issue of family wellness. If not, a restart or copying the link directly into the browser could help. If all else fails, contacting the church's support team should provide specific guidance for joining the meeting smoothly.