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Issues with Windows Zoom 5.8.0


I just updated Zoom to 5.8.0 for Windows and am now having issues with keyboard shortcuts. It never used to be an problem, but now the "always show meeting controls" shortcut (which is just the Alt key) is triggering often when I try to Mute (Alt+A) or turn my video on/off (Alt+V). It's very finnicky  - if you don't hit the two keys just right at the right time then you also have your controls disappear or reappear.  I know I can change the keyboard shortcuts, but I'm so used to them - I just want them to work again without the bar at the bottom coming and going. Anyone else having this issue? I reported it to Zoom but I wanted to check in with others too. Thanks. 



I have the exact same problem and complaint.  The Alt key is part of nearly every other keyboard shortcut; that makes no sense.  I submitted a help request in October and received the following reply:

"A possible solution is to submit a Feature Request to have the Alt key replaced with another key, or add a combination key. However, the engineering team will evaluate the request first to make sure nothing will be broken. For now, my recommendation is to downgrade the Zoom app. You can download version 5.7.8. here,  In order to submit a Feature Request to our Product Team, please fill out a feedback form located at"


I did downgrade for a time but eventually had to have the current version.  I also submitted a feature request twice but no change yet. If more people make a similar request it may help to get a change.