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Issues Using an External Webcam


I have a Windows laptop set up to run with its lid closed, using external monitors and an external keyboard.  It works just fine with all my other software.

Now, I'm running Zoom on this laptop (desktop client, Version: 5.15.6 (19959)), using an external webcam. 

That also works fine... but ONLY if the laptop has its lid open.

If the lid is closed, however, Zoom behaves very strangely.  I can still see my face, coming through the external webcam.  My colleague on the call can still see and hear me.  But if I click on Zoom (for instance, to mute my mic, or share my screen, or simply drag the window out of the way), it takes several seconds, sometimes longer, to respond--if it even responds at all.

I've closed Zoom and restarted, and updated my drivers, and rebooted the system.  No change.

(The only thing I can think of is that the built-in webcam on the laptop is only active when the lid is open.  But since I have the external webcam selected in Zoom, I don't know why that would make a difference.)



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello. Do me a favor; Zoom 5.15.7 is out. Please update and see if this solves the slowness issue with your laptop lid closed. If it does, please click Accept as Solution.