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Issue with dual monitor when pinning participant video to second screen


Hello, I have an issue with using dual monitor setup when pinning one participant video to a second screen where the pinned video becomes too small that is placed in the center of the second screen (seems it was scaled down by zoom). The issue happens when the network signal indicator of the participant video that is being pinned becomes red. There is a message on top of the scaled down video that says "your network bandwidth is low" which is somewhat confusing to me. I have always imagined that the network bar indicator below participant's video shows the bandwidth status of the participant and not my bandwidth. So I have 2 questions:

  1. Does Zoom automatically scale down a participant's video resolution that are pinned to a second screen for a full screen display when the participant's bandwidth is low (when the network bar of the participant is red)?
  2. What does the network bar indicator below each participant really indicate? Participant's bandwidth status or my bandwidth status?




I talked to Zoom support over chat, and the nice support person answered my questions in the following manner:

Question 1: The answer was Yes, Zoom will scale down a pinned participant video if the bandwidth of the participant is low. There is no way to prevent this from happening other than letting your participants know to use a good/stable Internet connection (and also to prefer wired instead of wireless connections)

Question 2: The network indicator below each particpant show the network status of the participant