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Issue with Zoom default host


Our company used one Zoom pro account to schedule meetings, but since we use Zoom more now, I have purchased my own Zoom pro account.


However, in my Google Calendar, if I click to schedule a meeting, it defaults to the company account when I want it to default to my personal account (as the meeting host and the company email as the host email). I deleted Zoom from my Google Workspace apps and reinstalled it, logged out of the company Zoom account, then logged in under my personal account and set up the integration with Google Calendar, but this still happens.


In the meeting set up page of Google Calendar, if I think click on the meeting drop down and select Zoom again, it changes it to me as the host (not because I selected myself, it just does this). But, I don't ever want it to default to the company account. 





I am having the same issue. Google calendar will default the host option to my personal account every single time and I don't want it to do so. I need it to default my school email as the host.