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Is there a way to disable the Post Attendee browser window?


Each time after my zoom meetings, Zoom opens what I assume is a default site;


Is there a way to disable this? Or is it a setting from the Zoom meeting owner that they can change?

I'm just sick of it opening windows I don't need (especially because sometimes it'll crash my whole browser).


Note Taker

Hi Natski,


The post-meeting attendee URL is controlled by the account Admins of whoever is the Host of the meeting. This setting can be changed under Advanced account settings>> Branding>> Meeting Post Attendee URL.

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This is not helpful. I want my zoom app DO NOT open any Post Attendee URLs. I find this feature annoying, user-unfriendly and potentially risky from security perspective. I should have control my zoom app to disable it regardless what configured by corporate admins.


Just for fun, branding is "Free" if your account is a paid one, with 10+ users. So it's going to default to send users to the zoom homepage. It would be great if the statement that "branding is free" meant that the customers get a benefit...but seems like it's free for the vendor unless paid for by the consumer.