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Is there a way to cancel meetings by ID and not who created them.


TL:DR: Is there a way to cancel meetings by their IDs with the admin account?



I am enterprise admin, and we are trying to get a couple meetings deleted off the company's calendar and we are having problems doing it.  It is believed that a person that was let go from the company has setup meetings over the next few months, and we are unable to cancel them (I am beginning to think this isn't the case due to a few different reasons). Even though we deleted their account, and we also deleted the meetings that they would've setup. 


That being said, we do have a few monthly meetings we are trying to get rid of the notification in everyone's outlook, and I can't seem to find the account who created these meetings. Is there a way to go in and delete them by using the IDs? 


Adding to this, I did try to click on one, to see if it would tell me any more information about the account that set them up, and they came back as "invalid meeting ID". So that makes the plot thicken. 


Thank you in advance.