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Is there a way set which speakers/mic to use after I disconnect my bluetooth headset?


I normally join my Zoom meetings from a MacBook Pro.  Sometimes I use my Airpods as the speaker and microphone.  Sometimes I use the built in speakers and microphone on the MacBook itself.  My MacBook is connected to a docking station which does not have speakers or a microphone.  After a Zoom call where I was using my Airpods, if I have disconnected my Airpods from my MacBook, Zoom defaults to my docking station for the speakers and microphone.  Since it doesn't have either the results are: I cannot hear anyone on the call, and they cannot hear me.  The work around is to change the audio settings back to my built-in speakers and microphone.


I'm wondering if I can either configure Zoom to always use my built-in speakers and microphone by default?  If not is there a way I can configure it to never use my docking station speakers and mic?  I don't see anything like that in the settings but thought I would ask.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @dcouvillion - Thanks for your patience and sorry to hear about your ordeal. By default, Zoom should remember the audio setting that was set during the last meeting. What Operating System are you running on?