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Is my entire scree recorded?


Hi, I recently attended an interview on zoom. I saw the invite and found I'm marked as creator, later when the meeting started it stated this meeting is being recorded.


My wonder what is it recording, is it just the zoom screen or other windows opened during the meeting. Please throw insights. The interview conductor might be a premium license holder of Zoom, no idea.


My only concern what's it recording, also if it's only zoom screen what get recorded while I switch windows, meaning open a pdf or word file while in zoom call.




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @pmpmpeter welcome to the community! This is determined by the host and their recording layout, for example, here is more information on recording layouts based on what the host and their layout is, this will determine what is recorded.


Also, there is a difference between recording layouts for local and cloud recordings, i.e., the Basic Cloud Recording Settings from the web portal for what views are recorded vs., local recording settings and the recording layouts from the Zoom desktop client (e.g., screenshot below).

Zoom Community Moderator

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